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Colorful Xinjiang Travel Guide

Situated in the northwest of China,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region covers a vast area of over 1.66 square kilometers,about 1/6 of the total area of China. It borders 8 countries of Mongolia, Russia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afganistan, Pakistan and India with a land border line of over 5,600 kilometers. Beside its big coverage,Xinjiang also homes 55 (out of 56 in total) ethnic groups in China. Jinuo nationality,living in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province, is the only ethnic group which is not found in Xinjiang yet.Xinjiang, stunningly beautiful in landscape,colorful in culture and richful in history, Is A Wonderful Place.

Xinjiang Map Urumqi Karamay Turpan Kumul Hetian Aksu Kashgar Kizilsu Bayingolin Changji Bortala Ili Tacheng Altay Shihezi Aral Tumxuk Wujiaqu Beitun Tiemenguan Shuanghe Kekedala Kunyu

Unique Regional Culture

Previously known as "Xi Yu" (meaning western region in English),Xinjiang is a repository of western culture and traditional Chinese culture. Characterized by openness, enthusiasm, generosity and forging ahead,Xinjiang is the most dynamic region in Central Asia.As the gathering place of the culture systems of China,India,Islam and Europe,Xinjiang has developed an unique regional culture of the world.Like other heroic epic in the world,the mother of Uygur 12 Muqam,the Janger of the Mongolians, and the Manas of the Kirgiz have emited dazzling lights in the oriental culture.Traditional ethinic activities like Uygur "Mashrap", Kazakh "Aken Songfest", Kirgiz "Kok-boru Songfest", Mongolian "Nadaam Fair", Xibo's "Four one Eight Section" and Han's "Lantern Festival" have all been celebrated unfailingly.

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