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Anhui Travel Guide

Chinese Name: 安徽 (ān huī)

With Heifei as its capital,Anhui Province is an inland province in eastern China neighbouring to six other provinces. Anhui has its unique culture named Hui Pai Wen Hua (Hui Culture), and embraces beautiful mountains,among which Yellow Mountain (Huang Shan in Chinese) is known far and wide. As the hometown of Chinese operas, Anhui has developed more than 30 schools of local operas, among which Huangmei Opera ranks Top 5 Operas in China. In addition, AnHui styled architecture,which features unified layout and style,plays a big role in Hui Culture. With bricks, wood and stone as the main construction materials in delicate caving patterns, AnHui styled architecture shows a very high level of decorative arts in building. Xidi Ancient Village and Hongcun Ancient Village are two best known examples of the Anhui styled architectures.

Anhui Map Hefei Wuhu Bengbu Huainan Maanshan Huaibei Tongling Anqing Huangshan Chuzhou Fuyang Suzhou Lu'an Bozhou Chizhou Xuancheng

What to see

Abundant tourism attractions lie here in Anhui. It homes the amazing mountain landscapes at Mt Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)  which is famous for its towering pine trees, precipitous rockeries, wonderland cloud-sea and hot springs.At Mt Jiuhua, one of the four secred Buddhist Mountains in China, collection of buddhist temples pull in flocks of sightseers.

In the meanwhile,there is a strong cultural tradition stamped on this area with a huge amount of antique rural architecktures surviving intact around Tunxi Town. Ancient villages from the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1911) stay the way they were in. Best examples are Xidi Ancient Village and Hongcun Ancient Village near Mount Huangshan.

Beside,the world most endangered animal Chinese alligator now has its reserve at Xuanzhou by the Yangtse River.

When to go

In Anhui Province, the year round average temperature is between 14 ℃ and 17 ℃ so in general any time of the year is good to visit. If have to name the best months, they may be April, May, June,September, October, and November. But again,all other months are almost as equally good.

How to go

Anhui is accessable very easily nowadays. Despite many flights to cities like Huangshan,Hefei on daily basis,the new highspeed railway connects Anhui to almost every conner of China. It takes about 2 hour 40 minutes by train to Huangshan from Shanghai while it is only a 1 hour 45 minutes train ride from Hangzhou. Meanwhile, the tightly woven network of express roads makes traveling around Anhui a very enjoyable experience.

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